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Tomorrow morning I’ll head out from Ann Arbor, A2, the Ace Deuce, the big kahuna of what-have-you. I can’t help but feel a bit sad, after all this is the place I learned to separate my laundry colors, where I printed my first photograph, where I learned how to dance. I became myself in a small town in Michigan. Crazy. I never would of thought that I would be so impacted by a city as small… or quiet as Ann Arbor. I guess it’s more about the people – yeah. It’s about who I met, about who my friends are. I know I’ll see everyone again.

By this time tomorrow I’ll be in Miami. From there, the Bahamas’ with Aaron, and a week or so later I head off to Korea. This makes me ridiculously lucky – 23 years old and about to seize the world. I’m not sure if the world is ready! Haha, way too crazy.


Old Photos

Over Chanukah, right before the new year of 2009, Kirti, Nate and I traveled to Mexico to visit a close friend, Carmina. Carmina is a strong, fantastic crazy girl that we missed so much.

Today I was able to scan some of the film I shot while there.

Areo Mexico, Metro Detroit

in D.F.

in D.F. II



Carmina and Nate

Exit stage right: Ace Deuce

According to my handy STA travel widget, I’ll be leaving Ann Arbor in 11 days. First I’ll hit up Miami, then the Bahamas with my brother, then the hypertropolis of Seoul, South Korea.