Tomorrow morning I’ll head out from Ann Arbor, A2, the Ace Deuce, the big kahuna of what-have-you. I can’t help but feel a bit sad, after all this is the place I learned to separate my laundry colors, where I printed my first photograph, where I learned how to dance. I became myself in a small town in Michigan. Crazy. I never would of thought that I would be so impacted by a city as small… or quiet as Ann Arbor. I guess it’s more about the people – yeah. It’s about who I met, about who my friends are. I know I’ll see everyone again.

By this time tomorrow I’ll be in Miami. From there, the Bahamas’ with Aaron, and a week or so later I head off to Korea. This makes me ridiculously lucky – 23 years old and about to seize the world. I’m not sure if the world is ready! Haha, way too crazy.



  Steve wrote @

I’m so happy you decided to (read: were threatened with social ostracization if you did not) start a blog! Here’s hoping you find time for many updates without neglecting a vast a rich real life in Korea. American will miss you!!

  nzaslow wrote @

So Steve…. are you blogging about MBA life? 😉

  Steve wrote @

I’m not, just cuz I can’t think of an appropriate MBA blog title would be…..I know! “doing stuff, rudely” 🙂

  nzaslow wrote @

“Doing stuff, for my financial gain!”

:p jk jk

  Kirti wrote @

Awww…miss you puppy!

  jeff howard wrote @

hi naomi,
thank you for including me in your blog. i will try to keep up (in contrast to staying in touch while in chicago). i wish you the best in Korea. What will you be doing….teaching English?

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