a video burst

I’ve been in Seoul for a few days now. Still jet-lagged, but having tons of fun. Right now I’m at orientation, and I’ll be here until friday — there are tons and tons and tons of teachers!! It’s been so cool to meet everyone, and find out about your schools (but no word on districts yet).

A short vignette before the videos roll:
Yoon Ji and I were coming back late the other night on the subway, and I really had to go to the restroom. Knowing it would be another 15min before we made it home, we followed the neon orange arrows on the station floor to the public restroom. Relief! I lunged for the nearest stall, finally, finally — only to find what!? At first I thought it was my eyes, or lack of sleep, or some strange construction. As is stood there, dumfounded, I realized it could only be what I had feared the most: a squat toilet. No amount of practice could have prepared me for it. “YOON JI!!” I cried, “YOOOON JI??!”

“Oh,” said Yoon. “A squatter. Hm. Use stall number five instead.” And so I backed out of stall number three, into stall number five, and found what I so desperately desired: a throne. Yes. Yes yes yes. Seoul is so beautiful.

Hopefully, tonight I’ll get some better sleep, so I’ll stop head-nodding in the presentations. :p



  carmar88 wrote @

After I googled squatter and I laugh for like 10 minutes, I saw your videos and I loved them. Seoul look beautiful and exiting.
I loved how you had five with the other future meddle school teachers LOL I really don’t know why was so funny…
But my favorite one was when they played “let it be” life is so interesting… just yesterday I though about the song all day, I wrote “let it be” everywhere, my gmail status, my wrist, some drawing, bla, bla.

So let Seoul be, and let puppy be puppy 🙂

  Yoon wrote @

Your movies are great.
It seems like you made some friends, oh yeah!!!

Congrat for teaching Middle school!
My mama also shared the movies with me.
She is happy for you, too ^_^

See you soon, sis !

  Kirti wrote @

Middle school! That’s exciting. I hope those kids are easy on you. Pre-teens are full of raging hormones. I’m glad that you’re putting that camera to good use and vlogging everything. The last video is hilarious. You look sooo sleepy. I hope you get over your jet lag soon. And I hope you make lots of amazing friends. Do you know when your vacation is yet?

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