Orientation is almost over, and then we’ll be unleash unto Korea. All 500 or so of us SMOE teachers have been under quarantine at a university campus just outside of Seoul, because of the swine flu. While not terrible, this means that for the past three days I’ve seen a grand total of 5 buildings. Whooo! Go brick! Go concrete! Blew me away, 100%. Hahah, I can’t wait to get back into Seoul!

There’s some unknown-ness about what Monday (our first day of work) will be like. I’m going to prepare a multi-level lesson about myself, all introductionary: arts, AmeriCorps, Miami, Michigan, Jewish, blah blah blah. Middle School in Korea is 7th, 8th and 9th grades, and I’ll probably only be teaching two of those levels.  I think the activities that we’ve done have prepped me pretty well. o_o Hahaha, maybe I’ll be eating those words come Monday!

Oh yeah ~~ Video of Amma/YoonJi/Naomi shopping. ❤ eeel, eeeel. So cute!



  Kirti wrote @

I love that Yoonji calls her parents “amma” and “abba”. That’s very South Asian as well. Peaches are crazzy expensive!! Over all, is the food cheaper than here?

  nzaslow wrote @

The words for mother and father are super interesting… In hebrew, mom is Imma and dad is Abba. In Korean, Umma and Appa. B and P sound familiar in Korean… but it seems as if quite a few languages have this is common.

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