views from the city window

I’ve been at my digs a few days now, long enough to figure out how to turn on the hot water and do two loads of laundry. These things were pretty major accomplishments, as you could imagine, for a pup out in the world. Life at school suits me fine now – long hours of lesson planning and shy students. Today I got to go to the immigration office (where I saw a ton of my fellow SMOE-ers) and apply for an Alien Registration Card. It was extra-terrestrial-tactic! Hahah, it took up a ton of time waiting there. But anyway! At immigration I had to take these passport-style photos, like a set of 6. They come in handy here / but anyway, I totally screwed it up, because I couldn’t read the Hangul (Korean) instructions in the photo booth / so I had to do it twice / 12 bucks! Twelve bucks / 6 bucks wasted, this is why I need to practice my Korean! / So anyway, back at school, I have the extra five images on my desk, and one of the girls asks if she can have one. I’m a collector item in Korea, I just want you to know. 😉

Of course, I gave it to her. I’m tempted to make naomi trading cards as prizes. All of this celebritylifeLiving is going straight to my head!

{{Some videos from the end of orientation until now, including the coveted Room Tour, transmission starting now}}

Lisa was such a good roommate for tolerating my mess, if only for a week! I filmed this the night before we moved out, so I was in multiple staged of disarray. 🙂 Lisa lives in Itaewon, which is sort of the foreigners district – walking around there is like walking around NYC. Speaking of Itaewon…

One of the best parts of Korea, for me, is E-Mart. E-Mart can only be described as the Korean Target: cheap cheap cheap. There’s one across the street from my apartment. On my first morning in my bachelor pad, I decided to head on down and pick up some much needed veggies, only to find that E-Mart doesn’t open until 10am. Since it was about 15min to, I decided to wait it out in the store, with everyone else on the block looking to get the freshest, earliest deal. (E-Mart has benches by the door just waiting.) So I waddled over and plopped myself down between Amojja #3 and Amojja #5. I had become one of them!

At the strike of 10, we were off!!


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  maggie wrote @

NOM- your apartment is super super nice! I would love to live right in the middle of a city and overlook the busy landscape =) Anyways, I just caught up on your last few blogs and vids, and I must say that Korea sounds ridicously exciting. Especailly the Tae Kwon Do kids. Don’t ever try to be a champ if you come across one of those kids!

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