rice porridge and barley tea

The last three days have been straight out of the “gee, I hope that doesn’t happen while I’m abroad!” book.  As school closed out on thursday, I had a terrible stomachache, but I figured it wasn’t any big deal. I’m Jewish right? If you look at em funny it makes my insides hurt. But the pain got so bad that I couldn’t sleep that night, dull stabbing of broken glass.

And then I thought, huh, what do I do now? It’s a 20 min walk to my school, I have limited communication skills, no cell phone (or any phone). This is it – on my own, and crazy sick. I showered, and with the diligence of a 90 year old woman walked two blocks to the nearest major intersection, where I picked up a taxi in broken Korean and got to school an hour early. My logic: find school nurse = everything will get better.

Two hours later I found myself in a Korean hospital/low cost clinic, waiting to be seen for my crippling stomach pain. My school was absolutely awesome, loaning me the money to pay for a shot to the bum to stop  the pain, and a cocktail of medicines to… stop the pain for the next three days? It was unclear. My co-teacher kept saying “I don’t know what they do, Just take them.”  Transparency is non existent in the Korean medical profession.

After coming home from the hospital, I proceeded over the next 6 hours, to vomit a whole lot. I hate throwing up, but each time I felt a lot better. I laid in bed, sleeping, reading, and throwing up until the crazy, incessant, sharp stabbing pain slowed to a dull ache.  hahah. This is the worst blog post ever. At night, my co-teacher and vice principle came over to my disgusting hovel, and made me tea and rice porridge, the only thing I’ve been able to keep down. Now, that’s something I wouldn’t expect in the States, especially after just two weeks of working somewhere. I kept saying thank you and apologizing for the mess…

The whole thing, it was kind of scary and kind of …. adult. I’m more on my own than I ever have been, making decisions and figuring out how to, well, survive. :/

Now, I’m feeling a lot better, but if I still have pain in 3 days I have to go back, so they an look at my insides.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, and that I find myself teaching on monday. 🙂


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