Weddings and Pineapple

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Today I went to my first Korean wedding! Maybe that should mean I have photos of it… but they’re all on my holga. Anyway, My coworker Seoul A, who’s the art teacher at Hyewon, got married! Mazal tovs all round!

Having never been to a Korean wedding, I asked her what an aproatate gift would be. She said money was teh most common, but it would be okay if I brought fruit or a small cake instead.

I bought a Pineapple. It came gift wrapped.

As I walked to the subway, three girls came running up to me, screaming. I thought my pineapple was leaking all over my good skirt. “HYEWON! HYEWON!”  The pointed at themselves and I realized that they where my students! Three of the hundreds, hahaha. And then they pointed to my stomach (and pineapple) and said “Sick? Are you okay?”

Well. It seems liek my whole school knows I took an out down for my weak digestive tract. 😦 I told the girls I was fine and headed to the wedding, only to find myself the only person carrying a fruit. Of any kind. At all. As I handed it to Seoul A she looked confused.

“I thought it would be funny,” I said hopefully. “You said I could bring fruit….”

The wedding was amazing. And tomorrow I return to my students and school life!



  Carmar wrote @

I think that the image of you walking alone on Seoul streets and holding a big, wrapped pineapple its just hilarious!
OH Pup I love to read about your adventures at Korea so much!

  nzaslow wrote @

Car, ya know what? Pineapples are really heavy. ;_;

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