Today starts my Chusok vacation!! Yay!! Chusok is somewhat equivalent to Thanksgiving, without the indigenous bloodshed. People gather with their families and give thanks to their elders. It also falls on a Jewish holiday this year – Sukkot. I’ll be celebrating Chusok with Anna and Yoonji’s families, and I’m super excited! There’s supposed to be tons and tons of good food. Today was also the last day of midterms for my girls, and they left school looking so much happier than they’ve looked over the past three days. At Hyewon (and maybe at other schools?) students only have two tests – midterm and final exam. That’s a lotta pressure for a middle schooler.

Haha. Waiting for the train!

I think these videos are kind of mundane, but I wanted to share them anyway.  Life in Seoul is glamourous!

Seoul Grand Park was ridic! So big~~ And the landscape was beautiful.

I did a bunch of videos about the Yogurt Lady (Ajjuma). She plays a pretty important role in my life, hahah. There where more video’s about her, but I don’t want to seem too enthralled with probiotic goodness.


I made a really long video about  Urim Market, an open air marketplace near my house. It’s super busy and you can get some great deals there – though I keep on forgetting to bargain down, so I’m probably getting ripped off. But! I bet other people get great deals; and I feel like I’m getting good deals, and that’s what counts. Right?! Of course right.

There’s a part two… but It’s sound isn’t working. I’ll upload it later! o_o



  Irene wrote @

I missed that yogurt! There are lots of yogurts good for your digestion in Korea but in here only i can find is an “activia” =(
and try ‘WILL윌’ from the yo=gurt A-Jum-ma
that’s my favorite =)

  nzaslow wrote @

I had all the will flavors!! SO GOOD!! yum yum yum

IRENE How are you??

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