Celebrating chuSukkot

This weekend was both Chuseok (the Korean Thanksgiving) and Sukkot (one of the major Jewish Harvest Festivals). I was super lucky to be invited to celebrate Chuseok with two families: Anna and YoonJi’s. I feel like part of their families ๐Ÿ™‚

Anna’s family had a nighttime BBQ where half of the guests were Israeli, so I got to practice my Hebrew and eat yummy salads. The BBQ was held at her aunts house in the heart of Seoul, AND she had two dogs! Life is good.

Next, I went over to YoonJi’s for a more traditional Chuseok. Her family laid out a lot of food for the ancestors to symbolically eat, to thank them for everything they did while alive, and then the family gets to eat all of the food! Great great great! We also went to the Korean Folk Museum in InsaDong and got to see one of the old palaces – check out the eloquent video:

Now, at the same time of course, it’s been Sukkot ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sukkot too!


Check out the hot Chabad Sukkah! (A sukkah is a portable hut, for the unfamiliar. Jews build them just for the holiday, to remind us of how our ancestors lived in huts as they moved through the desert. It’ll come down after the holiday!) It’s kind of cool that there’s a Jewish community in Seoul. They even go bowling: (SIDENOTE: omg my transitions today are so bad! hahah! I’ll blame the bad writing on it being late)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Everyone knows I’m a terrible bowler -Bowler? Is that the right word? Korea will never be the same after my granny-shot!

SO between Chuseok and Sukkot, I’m holidayed out. This weekend will end the Jewish Holiday Season with Simchat Torah (AKA jewish drinking holiday) and then it’s a looooong wait to Hannukah – which is a good thing! It’s been a good time though, mixing between Jewish and Korean customs – and language.

Some people have asked “Naomi, how’s that Korean coming along?” Yeahhhh…. In the Part #2 to the Urim market, you can see me bust out some mad skillz as I buy things at the market. Watch out! o_o


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