some things you can’t make up

I’ve been sitting on these videos for about a week since I come off as a huge fool. But, that’s just who I am!

Seoul has a few dog cafes; regular coffee shops where you can bring your dogs or play with the owners dogs.  Bau Haus (House?) Cafe is one of these. Located in Hongdae, one of the university-artsy neighborhoods, Bau Haus did not disappoint. I absolutely love dogs! I  made friends with a girl waiting in line to get in with me, and we sat at a table together. With your coffee you can order doggie treats, a way to lure the dogs to you. The dogs are so fat~~~ I was in some kind of doggie bliss! It’s probably more than a little bit pathetic, but I had so much fun!  u_u Anyway, here’s a handful of the videos I recorded while there.  HAHAH please just watch the Beyori videos at the end. . .

And there you have it 🙂



  Mipa wrote @

Hi, i noticed you wrote a comment on my blog about the soy meat~ I just wanted to let you know that I returned to E-Mart and found that there is egg is those products! I don’t know how I missed that when I was checking the ingredients list before. I also found the other soy meat products that you were talking about, and those have egg too! I don’t know if you’re vegan, but I’m terribly sorry for passing on wrong information. I just wanted to warn you….

  nzaslow wrote @

Hi Mipa! I’m just plain old vegetarian, so eggs are okay ^^ no worries!! Thanks for a heads up tho – finding veggie food in this city at all has been a bit challenging. I wonder though, why eggs are put in so many things. Soy meat doesn’t need eggs. . .

  O_O wrote @

The last video, is sad, it bad when you get turn down by the biggest dog in the house, esp the bow woah house. no pun on bow woah.

  nzaslow wrote @

I think I’ll go back to the cafe again~ I know more korean now. This pup gets rejected by no-one. whoa.

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