When I was art school, we had the life-saver: 55 cent coffee, hot fresh and strangely oily. It pumped your blood full of sweet caffeine on those late night crunches, and provided a change of scenery when class seemed just too pressing. For those days when paying upwards of 3 bucks for a cup just wasn’t happening, there was nothing more celebrated in my life than that cheap-coffee machine.

Well, it’s met its match in Seoul. Cause now, I have a 100 won (<10cents) coffee. That’s right. Same deliciously sweet, slightly oily, hot hot hot all ya can drink less than ten cent rainbows.

Yup. It’s Monday.



  O_O wrote @

(the following was a gut response) BIG SIGH…life

  Car.mar wrote @

I have free coffee at the teachers room at Colegio Ypsilanti… I used to still it when I was a student… it tasted better back then 😛

BTW. I still missing my spanish latte from espresso royale!

  Car.mar wrote @

coffee, coffee, coffee!!!

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