Winter Camp is almost over, and then I’ll be on my way to Japan for about two weeks. Seoul has been incredibbbbbly cold recently, so I’ve turned up the heat and stayed inside, catching up on some new ‘n old tv shows (Big Bang Theory and Dollhouse, yum!). Though I was worried at first, teaching camp has been great. Think about it like this: normally, I see every class 1 time a week, meaning that the students have only had me for 15 or 18 classes since I started working. In camp, the students see me for 15 days straight; I’ve been able to build relationships with them, understand their individual skill sets, see them mature and embrace leadership roles, and let them play with English a lot more than we could do in a 35 min class. With 2 days left of camp, I feel like they’ve been moderately prepped for the next school year while having a decently good time – all of this accomplished without a co-teacher to translate everything I say into Korean. Good job, self.

The video above was made by my magnificent camp students.

Life has been kind of on the quiet side the last few weeks. I go to the gym, cook my own dinners, and try to stay warm. It feels good to take it easy for now, and I know the trip to Japan will pop my eyes and get me on my feet. I haven’t worked on any art since camp started, and I know I need to get back on that horse. Seoul is so easy, so relaxing – I can’t let myself get lazy.


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