Yesterday I had an earth shattering, reality bending, adrenaline flooding experience.

It all started when Sol-a (the art teacher) and I were hanging out by the office coffee machine after lunch. You might remember said machine from an earlier post – for a measly 100 won (roughly 10 cents) the machine will pump out a perfectly sweet cuppa. Unceremoniously, Sol-a pressed the button for sweet coffee, and out it came.

It was at that moment that my life changed.

“Sol-a! Did you put in money?! How did it give you coffee if you didn’t put in money?”

With a befuddled glance at my waygook face, she explained that we don’t need to put in money. Ever. The machine is free. “Oh Naomi! How did you not know?”

“FREE??? I’ve been paying 100 won for seven months for free coffee!??” The walls of Jericho fell down around me; Nothing could ever be the same again!

Laughing, Sol-a called over Mr. Kim, our faculty head. He opened up the machine, expecting to find my humble pile of 100 won coins – but the machine was empty! O Waily waily! Where could my money be!?

Serendipitously, the vice principle opened her drawer, and procured 16 one hundred won coins – one for each of the free cups of coffee that I bought. Giggles descended upon the office, as I sheepishly took the money from her hands.

Today I drink my coffee in the knowledge that it is abundant and ever ready, flowing like milk and honey in the Promised Land.


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  anna banana wrote @

LOL this was hilrious!

not to crush your glorious dreams or anything, but you might want to watch out. those free machines aren’t usually the cleanest things on earth. you almost don’t wanna know what ppl put in there. =P

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