I just spent my WHOLE weekend working on ONE lesson plan. Now, I know I’m slow, but this is ridiculous. My last three weeks of teaching have been pretty strong, so in some ways I feel this equal obligation to ‘Bring It’: the most fun, the most awesome, the most speaking activities, equal parts entertainer and educator. And this lesson mostly delivers that, all in preparation for parent’s observation week.

But I don’t feel like I had a weekend. I don’t feel relaxed. I didn’t even have time to go to the gym or kick back with a choice beverage.
When I was a senior in university, a professor told one of my friends that he was too good of a student. “Be a bad student, just for a bit.” I feel like I should take next week easy – pick up a lesson plan and secondary material from online, and enjoy my weekend. Live my life. Is that fair to feel as an educator? Probably not. . .

There’s about three more weeks till the kids take finals and the semester winds down into sumer vacation. I’m sure all of my fellow english teachers are waiting for it as eagerly as the kids. 😉



  christinebumgardner wrote @

You burning out is NOT good for your students – Find some things on the internet, and make it your own. And then have some fun on the weekend. I got one of my best class ideas from the internet. Just don’t print and roll, but do use all the ideas and materials out there.

  nzaslow wrote @

I don’t feel burned out (amazingly), just that I shouldn’t be obsessed with ‘lesson perfection’ 😉

I’ll do what you said… edit some online stuff for my kids. HAHAH it would be great to convince my co’s to plan a weeks lessons where I play the back up.

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