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Well, it’s official: Teacher Naomi in the house. After a week of sitting in swine-flu bum bum boringness, I’ve landed feet first in the teaching world. Today I had 4 classes, starting at being horrible experiences and growing into almost awesomeness. I was pretty nervous for the first class, and the students skill level is a lot lower than we were prepped for during the training/orientation. I taught 9th grade first, then two 8th grade courses, and finished out the day with an extra-curricular joint 7th/8th grade conversational english class. It seems like the Korean educational system is preparing students who can WRITE not students who can TALK, which is why they’ve imported us.

All of my classes were taught with a co-teacher, who could translate what I said into Korean, but the curriculum, activities and teaching are all me. The only instructions they school gave me where concise: I’m there to make the students talk in English and have fun. Hm.  The after school English class though, that’s on my own. I keep having flashbacks of being in high school, with multiple classes being taught in Hebrew, with directions on the exams being in hebrew, with being totally and completely lost and confused. u_u That’s how the students must feel.

And yet, the conversation class was the most fun. And ridiculous. We made a video together , to force them to speak loudly, and so I can learn their names. I think they almost had fun doing it – – –

After school, though I was exhausted, I met up with Kang Chul, my Korean Language partner and some of his co-workers. They’re all physical therapists! I speak english, they try to teach me Korean; I’m such a bad student tho. This was prob the most failed lesson ever, as we did it over Bekseju. Hahaha.

This video has nothing to do with bekseju. but that’s Kang Chul! So cute! ‘Oppa’ is the Korean word for “older brother” – but now I call him ‘ajjashi’ which is the word for old old old man.  😉