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some things you can’t make up

I’ve been sitting on these videos for about a week since I come off as a huge fool. But, that’s just who I am!

Seoul has a few dog cafes; regular coffee shops where you can bring your dogs or play with the owners dogs.  Bau Haus (House?) Cafe is one of these. Located in Hongdae, one of the university-artsy neighborhoods, Bau Haus did not disappoint. I absolutely love dogs! I  made friends with a girl waiting in line to get in with me, and we sat at a table together. With your coffee you can order doggie treats, a way to lure the dogs to you. The dogs are so fat~~~ I was in some kind of doggie bliss! It’s probably more than a little bit pathetic, but I had so much fun!  u_u Anyway, here’s a handful of the videos I recorded while there.  HAHAH please just watch the Beyori videos at the end. . .

And there you have it 🙂