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{homeward bound}

Ahhhhh America. I’ve been back in the states for about a week now, steadily gaining back all the weight I lost by indulging on all of my favorite american treats. MMMMmm. No regrets there!

My trip started out in Ann Arbor, switched it up in Detroit, involved a combo greyhound+plane flight to get to my bro in Tallahassee, and now is kicking down a few gears as I board a private bus bound down the FL coast for Miami in just a few hours.

My trip has been defined by food and friends, but grad school is weighing top in my mind. Since I was visiting two university towns, I met with the graduate programs admissions representatives and fleshed out some of my post-grad goals while hearing about different programs.

Basically, I’m planning on going to library school to get my MLIS and a certificate as a school media specialist (ie, a school librarian). I could work in a school in in a public library as a YA/children’s librarian. After a few year of tossing around different ideas for grad school (MSW, MA in Jewish women’s studies, the omnipresent MFA), library school has stuck out. Do I have any experience working in libraries? No… And yet, it’s something that I’ve been kicking around for a long time. In both of the admissions meetings that I had, I got uncontrollably (yes! uncontrollably!) excited when talking about library space, information usage and youth education. Seriously! I’ve read a lot of peoples’ day-to-day librarian experiences on Library Day in the Life and it looks like what I want from a job: social, challenging, technology and youth based, and ever changing.

And yet, I still have some… slight doubts. I talked to my brother about it a lot. See, I always expected that I would do something art related with my life. I’m a couple of years out if art school, and that hasn’t been the case. My day jobs have been about education, not art. I keep wondering if I should be getting a degree in art education instead. Which will give me satisfaction and happiness? Which would let me grow and develop as an artist? Which will lend itself to a stable work environment?

As it stands, I’m looking at applying to four iSchools for the fall of ’11. Utexas-Austin, Umich, Simmons in Boston and Umaryland – college park. These schools might be some of the harder iSchools to get into… I might also have some of the lowest GRE scores to ever fall out of a fairly intelligent persons skull. I’m looking at it as an experiment. If I don’t get in, I’m not going to stress about it. If I do get in, I’ll take it from there.

Librarians in training. I can see myself doing that.


About the Bahamas, what?

My little brother and I just got back from a 3.5 day cruise to the Bahamas. No big deal – we handled our first cruise with grace and dignity, as expected. Most of our time was spent chilling out on the ship, but we did  disembark in Nassau and Grand Stirrup, a tiny island the cruiseline owned for some beach-ing. In Nassau we went to an anti-racism museum and picked up some info about slave trade in the Bahamas (which wasn’t something the cruise talked about. ha.), saw Parliament and visited some of the port-side markets. It was pretty, but a lot like Miami. To get the full picture, I have some lovely videos…


¡On the first day, while still at the Port of Miami, we did this awesome Titanic-esque saftey training. Across from us is one of the causeways where sexual molesters are living, cause they can’t live in the city. Yeah. Go Miami. 

¡On the second night at sea, we decided to get swanked out for dinner, involving heels, a suit, and tamed hair. I’m not sure how the rest of the ship was able to control themselves.


¡There was also Karaoke. Now, normally I’m a HUGE karaoke fan, and I can’t wait to get up and sing in Seoul, but I just wasn’t feeling in with this crowd. (And they didn’t have anything I wanted to sing. What Karaoke place leaves out Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing? Super sad.)  Aaron though, was feeling it all the way! We share the same rhythmic sense. . . 


¡We both were kind of relived to get back to Miami, and it’s non-moving ground and lush tropical concrete, where food is closer to non-existent in our lives. We waited to the bus for about 45 min, in classic Miami style, transferred to a train, transferred from that to the metro-mover, and ended up waiting by a bus stop that was about a 30 min walk from the port where we started. (We didn’t think we were allowed t cross the port bridge on foot though… thus the adventure.)


¡On the bus, Aaron tore apart his luggage trying to find his iPod knock-off. He was victorious, don’t worry. And it’s a nice vid of downtown Miami. So cute!


### Ten days and 16 hours until I head to Seoul. So excited! ###