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3 days to take off!

A to do list:

Do laundry  (It’d be nice to arrive in Seoul fresh!)
Pick up international calling card to call YoonJi from airports
Target for T’s and random things
CVS for passport photo’s (random things seem to require them, from getting an alien registration card to signing up for Korean lessons at my local Seoul Global Center). Get a few postcards of Miami for gifts. Or other kitschy souvenirs. 😉
Pick up tailored pants
Get stickers + teaching props
Say goodbye to J/T/G and family!!
Phone conference with Sara!

Most importantly, hit the beach.
And, this little thing called packing.  One luggage basically full, and I’m trying to figure out how to make this work! I can’t believe it; a whole year of trying to figure out what to “next year”, and in a few days I’LL BE IN SEOUL. Balls to the wall!