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After three weeks of teaching English summer camp, my first official school day was yesterday. Some of the kids came back with new eyes (plastic surgery), some with new hair, some slightly taller or tanner frames… and they have that strange mix of excitement and dread for the new semester. And, well, the same is kinda true for teachers too. :p

I’ve been examining my year in Korea, and trying to figure out what I want from this NEW year.

-Shop at the open market more, and EMART less.
-Leave Seoul more. See the countryside. See Jeju-do. See Dokdu!
-Study Korean 2x a week. Go to the Gym 2x a week. Professional development 2x a week (art, volunteering). Synagogue 1x a week. That takes up the whole week. . . hm.
-Drink less (not that I drink a lot)
-I live next to a major express bus terminal, but I’ve never used it – actually, I’ve never gone inside it. I want to take a weekend trip to someplace random from the terminal.
-Exhibit my art. This means I need to be making art. THAT means I need to be about 200x more proactive in finding facilities and getting shit down. This is Seoul – everything you could want is available, for a price.
-Work hard for my students, but don’t get stressed out by work.
-Eat 1,500 Kcal a day (now we’re getting personal, huh?)

Since the A/C isn’t really working in my school, all of the classes have been cut from 45 min to 40~ in an effort to get the kids out earlier. Haha, it’s wonderful.


3 days to take off!

A to do list:

Do laundry  (It’d be nice to arrive in Seoul fresh!)
Pick up international calling card to call YoonJi from airports
Target for T’s and random things
CVS for passport photo’s (random things seem to require them, from getting an alien registration card to signing up for Korean lessons at my local Seoul Global Center). Get a few postcards of Miami for gifts. Or other kitschy souvenirs. 😉
Pick up tailored pants
Get stickers + teaching props
Say goodbye to J/T/G and family!!
Phone conference with Sara!

Most importantly, hit the beach.
And, this little thing called packing.  One luggage basically full, and I’m trying to figure out how to make this work! I can’t believe it; a whole year of trying to figure out what to “next year”, and in a few days I’LL BE IN SEOUL. Balls to the wall!

A week to Korea!

I can’t believe I’m leaving in a week! I’ve been rushing around Miami, getting stuff in order – saying bye to family and friends, updating my website, going to the beach – ya know, the reg. I’m also trying to get back into my korean lessons. Fail, fail, fail for not reviewing after leaving A2. Hopefully, I’ll retain what I learned with Irene and JaeWook. Hopefully. -_-

Thinking a little outloud a little bit, here’s my packing list so far. Too much? Too little? Hm. I wonder how much room this will all take up… I wish I had some good DVD’s to bring. Like Star Wars! Anyway, the list:




flats (x2)

heels (x2)

sneakers (x2)

flip flops




undies! (x12)

braaas! (x5)

socks!winter (x5)

socks! (x12)




shirts (x7)

knee-skirts (x5)

slacks (x4)




tanks (x7)

T’s (x7)

warm tee’s (x3)

jeans (x5)

shortttts! (x3)

suimsuit (x2)



going-out tops (x3)

jew-shule-skirts! (x2)



hats (x2)

gloves (x2)


scarfs (x4)

Long JOHNS (x2)

sweaters (x3)






sleeping bag??


puppy bowl!




Nikon D60


Cannon AE1








international calling card

iPod/Cd plaYer

hair products!

Photo album!



Tanach (jewish bible + extra stuff)


New Jewish Feminism

WACK! Femmmmminist art!

Helen’s guide!!

+some more books? no idea!