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About two weeks ago, I lost my internet at home.

What I mean to say is that the wireless network that I had been leaching off of for my 10 months here in Seoul suddenly disappeared. I suspect that the owners moved out of their apartment. This reactivated a renewed conviction in me that I was being smited by Gd for my thievery – an eye for an eye, if you will.

However, I’m not so good at suffering, and so after a week of no net I asked my co workers for help. Hopefully, I should have net at home (net that I pay for on a monthly basis) and cable tv by tonight. Now, having TV does seem to be dangerous (picture it: a slack jawed Naomi blissed out on cartoons for hours on end…) but I’m super excited.

The challenge in this no-net time has been what to do with my free time. While I didn’t go to the gym more often, I did read. A lot. I plowed through A.J. Jacob’s book on living biblically for a year. I spent hours laying in my bed, studying Korean. I started writing a collection of vignettes.

And I cleaned my apartment.

I hope that I can keep the intellectual momentum going after the cable guy comes by today.