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bus 271

Last night, for the FIRST TIME after more than a year in Seoul, I got on the wrong bus. In a complete brain-fart moment, I looked at the bus map, didn’t see the stop I was going to listed and still got on the bus based on the fact that it ‘felt’ right and that it was THERE. 30 min later I realized I was going the wrong way. 31min later I realized that the bus was making a loop and I couldn’t just get out and cross the street to pick the bus going to the other side.

One hour later I realized that I should have just taken a taxi when I first recognized my mistake. In all, my very picturesque trip home took two hours and 45min. This is a bus trip that is normally no more than one hour.

I’ve learned about 3 lessons here. Sigh. Never again!


About two weeks ago, I lost my internet at home.

What I mean to say is that the wireless network that I had been leaching off of for my 10 months here in Seoul suddenly disappeared. I suspect that the owners moved out of their apartment. This reactivated a renewed conviction in me that I was being smited by Gd for my thievery – an eye for an eye, if you will.

However, I’m not so good at suffering, and so after a week of no net I asked my co workers for help. Hopefully, I should have net at home (net that I pay for on a monthly basis) and cable tv by tonight. Now, having TV does seem to be dangerous (picture it: a slack jawed Naomi blissed out on cartoons for hours on end…) but I’m super excited.

The challenge in this no-net time has been what to do with my free time. While I didn’t go to the gym more often, I did read. A lot. I plowed through A.J. Jacob’s book on living biblically for a year. I spent hours laying in my bed, studying Korean. I started writing a collection of vignettes.

And I cleaned my apartment.

I hope that I can keep the intellectual momentum going after the cable guy comes by today.

I’ve spent my time in Seoul (up to today) mocking the lack of serious snow. HA SEOUL! You call 1cm “winter”? After Michigan, I can’t call it winter unless I’m burried up to my knees in snow.

And then today, Seoul let me know that it get’s down with its bad self, as a blizzard was unleased upon my south florida butt. Oh yeah, let it fall. We’re loking at mor ethan 6inches and I still gotta be at school.

On that note, I’m off to go and buy boots. Touche Seoul, touche.

shammmmmme. shame!

One of my coworkers filmed this video 🙂

On sports day I danced on a stage in front of half of my students.