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Last night I went to see a collection of  Shakespeare’s performances at Roofers.  I forgot to bring batteries for my video camera (fail, major fail)  so my few words will have to suffice. It was an excellent collection (preformed in English, Korean and French) of some of my favorite parts of Shakespeare. We had the bumbling Rosenkratz and Guildenstern, the side shattering funny midsummer nights dream, and the soliloquies from Hamlet.  It also had many Acts from plays that I’ve never read (if it wasn’t middle/high school Canon, I didn’t see it) and it was interesting to see them preformed by such a  diverse cast.

An, of course, there where magnificent deaths – mostly in  A Midsummer Nights Dream – where the slain just don’t die. Oh ZOUNDS! 😀 So fantastic!