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Women’s Film Fest

thailand (in three)

So I went to Japan…. and all I brought back where these three videos. And a ton of photos! ^^

Packing: not done

Places to sleep: not finalized

Japanese speaking ability: limited

Excitement: through the roof!

good things in twenty ten

On New Years Eve, Shakema and I got lost trying to find the party we were invited to, and hurriedly entered a Korean bar on the corner to take in the new year over Long Island Iced Teas and Bailey’s. About a minute after the new year started, the whole club (except  us two foreigners) lit up about 10 birthday cakes and started singing happy birthday! Turns out, in Korea, everyone get s a year older on New Years – SO in Korean years, I’m 25 years old now!!

Also, the snow:


About once a month, there’s an event called Word Food that goes down in the Seoul expat community. It’s a night of open mic, salm poetry and home grown music. Last month, two of my friends – Rasheeda and Tim – preformed.