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good things in twenty ten

On New Years Eve, Shakema and I got lost trying to find the party we were invited to, and hurriedly entered a Korean bar on the corner to take in the new year over Long Island Iced Teas and Bailey’s. About a minute after the new year started, the whole club (except ¬†us two foreigners) lit up about 10 birthday cakes and started singing happy birthday! Turns out, in Korea, everyone get s a year older on New Years – SO in Korean years, I’m 25 years old now!!

Also, the snow:


I’ve spent my time in Seoul (up to today) mocking the lack of serious snow. HA SEOUL! You call 1cm “winter”? After Michigan, I can’t call it winter unless I’m burried up to my knees in snow.

And then today, Seoul let me know that it get’s down with its bad self, as a blizzard was unleased upon my south florida butt. Oh yeah, let it fall. We’re loking at mor ethan 6inches and I still gotta be at school.

On that note, I’m off to go and buy boots. Touche Seoul, touche.