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I resigned my contract. Next week I’ll go back to the states for a quick vay-cay, and then return to Seoul.

I keep reflecting on my time here. A lot of it’s been good. I like how varied my job is, and I love worthing with my students. Sometimes the solitude gets to me. Sometimes all I want is some macaroni and cheese, or another small, unimportant comfort item.

This might sound dorky, but what’s really exciting to me is that by spending two years in Korea, I will have seen THREE classes advance onto their senior year. My first years (7th graders) that I teach now will be third years by the time that I leave. I feel all mushy inside thinking about that, watching ’em grow up.

This weekend, I was exiting the subway station when I saw one of my first years with her father. She yelled “teacher!” and ran over to me, gave me a hug, and then ran back to her dad. I dunno, I’m a huge sap. It made me smile.

I’m really happy that got placed at Hyewon. I know the system is random, but teaching middle school (at an all girls middle school) is amazing.


A week to Korea!

I can’t believe I’m leaving in a week! I’ve been rushing around Miami, getting stuff in order – saying bye to family and friends, updating my website, going to the beach – ya know, the reg. I’m also trying to get back into my korean lessons. Fail, fail, fail for not reviewing after leaving A2. Hopefully, I’ll retain what I learned with Irene and JaeWook. Hopefully. -_-

Thinking a little outloud a little bit, here’s my packing list so far. Too much? Too little? Hm. I wonder how much room this will all take up… I wish I had some good DVD’s to bring. Like Star Wars! Anyway, the list:




flats (x2)

heels (x2)

sneakers (x2)

flip flops




undies! (x12)

braaas! (x5)

socks!winter (x5)

socks! (x12)




shirts (x7)

knee-skirts (x5)

slacks (x4)




tanks (x7)

T’s (x7)

warm tee’s (x3)

jeans (x5)

shortttts! (x3)

suimsuit (x2)



going-out tops (x3)

jew-shule-skirts! (x2)



hats (x2)

gloves (x2)


scarfs (x4)

Long JOHNS (x2)

sweaters (x3)






sleeping bag??


puppy bowl!




Nikon D60


Cannon AE1








international calling card

iPod/Cd plaYer

hair products!

Photo album!



Tanach (jewish bible + extra stuff)


New Jewish Feminism

WACK! Femmmmminist art!

Helen’s guide!!

+some more books? no idea!

What will I be doing? {an intro}

You might be wondering, “Why is Naomi going to Korea?”

I seek adventure! And employment! Lucky, Korea seems to have both. I’ll be working  for the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE for short) as an English assistant language teacher (ALT). That mean’s I’ll be working with a Korean Teacher of English in a public elementary or secondary school in Seoul.  

My last year in AmeriCrops was awesome, but I want to try out more hands-on youth work. I’ll be in Seoul for 12 months, milking the city for all it’s worth. Taking Korea for everything it has. Seizing the East! With minimal colonizing-language. 


Right now, it’s 17 days until I leave. Take it for all it’s worth.

Tomorrow morning I’ll head out from Ann Arbor, A2, the Ace Deuce, the big kahuna of what-have-you. I can’t help but feel a bit sad, after all this is the place I learned to separate my laundry colors, where I printed my first photograph, where I learned how to dance. I became myself in a small town in Michigan. Crazy. I never would of thought that I would be so impacted by a city as small… or quiet as Ann Arbor. I guess it’s more about the people – yeah. It’s about who I met, about who my friends are. I know I’ll see everyone again.

By this time tomorrow I’ll be in Miami. From there, the Bahamas’ with Aaron, and a week or so later I head off to Korea. This makes me ridiculously lucky – 23 years old and about to seize the world. I’m not sure if the world is ready! Haha, way too crazy.